The Point of Sonia-- A Point of Personal Transformation

Her mother, Vanessa Redgrave is frequently hailed as being the greatest actress of her generation. That is quite a legacy of wealth and power; 8th house themes abound in her life and indeed are reflected, not only in the peregrination of Pluto, but also by the severely stressed Sun and Mercury in the 8th. What factors then relate to her death? Astrology alone posits a great many intriguing factors.

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We have begun with the understanding that peregrine Pluto creates a distinct possibility of a rather tragic end, but this alone is not enough. Sun in the 8th and so profoundly stressed from Mars and Neptune becomes extremely intriguing because this blends accidents, falls and cuts with confusion, mistakes and misdiagnosis into a single potential.

This exact principle led directly and unerringly to the death of Andy Warhol through a mistake Neptune in the quantity of fluid also Neptune that he was administered after surgery.


So, we understand therefore just a few of the difficult potentials of this astrology. Whilst nothing is written in stone, what should be clear is that under the most stressful of transits and directions, these potentials might well be tragically realised. Here there are a number of identifiable culprits, but most pressing in my view are the placements of Venus and Neptune. And yet even this might not be enough to cause death. I have attempted to delineate the crucial transits of Pluto in a diagram thus:.

Here then is Pluto at 3 degrees of Capricorn forming a square to the midpoint of Mars — Neptune marked in green and a sesquiquadrate to the midpoint of Sun — Neptune.


The latter application to the Sun — Neptune halfsum was partile within half a day of the accident, which considering the speed at which Pluto transits, is infinitesimally precise. In the final analysis, the question ought to be asked: could this accident have been foreseen and therefore prevented?

I would say it is possible, but unlikely, it would take uncanny skill and exhaustive attention to the multidimensional implications of future trends. On the other hand, anyone with a Mars Neptune square and a peregrine Pluto ought to be well advised to be very thorough about checking and double-checking any medical condition or diagnosis, especially where accidents, cuts, falls or the like are implicated.

A little caution in these cases might go a very long way indeed. Less scary insights are available to all through my consultation service at Astrology Hour. Most people are repulsed and frightened that someone could predict their time of death and so, will read this from a macabre standpoint even if it scares them out of their wits. Since I work in a rarefied field known as medical astrology, I see a lot of chronic illness and my fair share of dying along the way—the two are compatible and natural.

Any astrologer who says they can predict your time of death is dead wrong pardon the pun. They are scaring you, manipulating you and you should get good and mad at them, report them to a national astrological organization and leave their services—pronto. And hopefully, your astrologer has the wisdom and humility to admit this to you up front. Clairvoyance is highly dependent upon choices made by the person—not the astrologer.

No one can die on transit. These two or three pieces to the recipe for Death must be in place before something serious and major happens. Nothing major insofar as dying goes, ever happens on JUST a transit. Everything major occurs with progressions. The transit, then, is merely the trigger to catalyze the passing.

DEATH - Solunars

It is one of many, as you will see. Any and all the planets, including the Uranian ones, can be involved in a death. Any house in the natal chart, any of the twelve, can be implicated and involved in your death. So can soft aspects such as a sextile and trine, too. Eclipses are not going to kill you, either.

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In and of themselves, they never will. In order to die, you must have progressions set up first. Transits are generally the trigger. I approach a crisis window with a client as an opportunity to grow. A crisis does not mean death. Oh, it can mean the death of mental attitude, getting rid of an emotional wound that has been holding us back and we finally work through it, grow and discharge it, or a spiritual breakthrough that helps us to evolve. We need crisis windows to accomplish such huge leaps in our hurdles of Life. But when something leaves, it gives you room to put something healthy and positive in that place.

Not really. They may or may not be implicated in a death. In my work, they are so wishy-washy along this line that I look at them only as a secondary or third party in such crisis. Saturn is gonna kill you. Oh, please, give me a break!! So, those are the myths. Look at death as the following: consider the chrysalis of a butterfly.

Or think of a dragonfly, which has symbolic transformation from a shell of a nymph, climbs up and out of the water to the air, the shell cracks and out emerges this beautiful dragonfly with wings which to fly. Death, in our business, is a window opportunity just like a birth is—there is no difference.

In one, the spirit is being placed IN the chrysalis birth. In the other, the spirit is being freed of this chrysalis death.


Ask your astral body which it prefers and it will unequivocally tell you it prefers to be OUT of your bag of bones you call home! We know it will either be a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical death. I know I have. Transits are the trigger—only. Transits can NOT cause death by themselves. There is no ONE signature for death.

Hen scratchings would be another way to look at it. As a medical astrologer, I use a particular system. So, this is not about having to use one, specific system in order to make it work for you. Stay with the system you have confidence in. First of all, I use Tropical astrology with the Koch house system. For progressions, where the real action is at, I use the degree Cosmobiology wheel. I progress with average solar arc. I add the Transneptunian or Uranian planets. Many of you may recognize these names as Greek myth figures—which they are. Midpoint structures are crucial. This individual is of a man who had an argument with his wife.

He was 24 years old when he died. He and the wife climbed into a jeep and he drove off at high speed. The jeep over turned and killed both of them. If the Ego gets stepped on the wrong way, projections abound as a result. Uranus is about sudden things happening. They can be catalytic.